Administering SharePoint Team Services

Administering Microsoft SharePoint is easy within the site settings. The available pages are: The Home Page, Manage Content Page, Manage Users Page, Changing your Portal Site Navigation, Changing Settings, and Site Settings. You can navigate within the site by clicking on each of the links within the home page. Certain Administrative Access rights are needed in order to view these pages.

Change Portal Site Navigation Page gives you a hierarchy structure to make changes to other portal sites within SharePoint. If you want to move your site to the top-level within SharePoint or modify your sub-level pages, you can do so with the SharePoint Portal Site Navigation Page.

Change Settings Page allows you to swiftly customize the look and feel of your portal site. You can change the title, description, and logo for the site. You can change the URL for creating sites based on the published templates for your site. You can also add a change management process by having the site approved by a manager before being published, and allowing you to change your contact information for your site.

Site Settings Page has four different categories: General Settings, Portal Site Content, Search Settings and Indexed Content, and User Profile, Audiences, and Personal Sites.

  • General Settings offers additional security features, which allows you to manage the alerts settings, change your default SMTP e-mail server, change the location of your SharePoint Site, and modify the Regional Language Settings to your site.

  • Portal Site Content allows you to manage the site structure, view your site lists and document libraries, import data into your SharePoint Server, and add link listings to your site.

  • Search Settings and Indexed Content allows you to create Meta tags within your SharePoint Server, create search crawlers to investigate your site for new key words which will create better search results within your site.

  • User Profile, Audiences, and Personal Sites allows you to change and manage your user profiles within your site. You can also manage your audiences and personal settings.


Change Settings Page


Site Settings Page


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