Entering Data in a List


Entering data in a list ”whether you use the Data Form or the worksheet ”can be tedious and repetitive. You can enter data using the PickList or List AutoFill feature to make the job easier. PickList is activated once you have entered at least one record in the list; it uses your previous entries to save you the trouble of typing repetitive information. PickList displays previous entries made in the current field in a list format. List AutoFill automatically extends the list's formatting and formulas to adjacent cells. As data is added to a list, AutoFill looks at the preceding cells to determine what formatting and formulas should be extended.

Enter Data in a List Using Pick From Drop-Down List


Right-click the cell in which you want to use PickList, and then click Pick From Drop-Down List.


Click a selection in the list.


Press Enter or Tab to accept the entry, or press Esc to cancel the entry.



Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
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