Creating a Table Using a Wizard


One of the easiest ways to create a table is to use the Table Wizard. The Table Wizard walks you through a series of dialog boxes that help you choose the types of tables your database will contain and the fields present in each table. You can change table names, field names , and properties as you proceed through the wizard. The wizard also makes it easy to create a primary key for your table and to establish relationships between the new table and other tables in the database.

Create a Table Using the Table Wizard


In the Database window, click Tables on the Objects bar, and then double-click the Create Table By Using Wizard icon.


Click the Business or Personal option.


Scroll thru the list to find the table that best matches your needs.


Double-click each field you want to include in the table. Click Next to continue.


Type a new name for the table, or accept the suggested name .


Click the Yes option to have the Table Wizard assign the primary key, or click the No option to assign your own primary key. Click Next to continue.


Did You Know?

You can select fields in the order you want them to appear in the table . In the Sample Fields list, you can choose the fields you want to include in your table in any order. The fields you choose will appear in the table in the order you chose them.


If you chose to set the primary key, select the field and data type. Click Next to continue.


If your database already contains at least one table and you want to make changes, select the relationship you want to change, click Relationships, specify the new table relationships, and then click OK. Click Next to continue.


In the final wizard dialog box, click one of the options, either to modify the table design (in Design view) before entering data, to enter data directly (in Datasheet view), or to enter data in a form that the wizard creates for you.


Click Finish.


See Also

See "Setting a Primary Key Using the Table Wizard" on page 52 to learn how to create a primary key with the Table Wizard.

See "Assigning Table Relationships Using the Table Wizard " on page 53 to learn how to relate tables to one another.

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