Opening a Sample Database

Access provides a sample database application called Northwind Traders ”a database and project version ”for you to explore. The Northwind Traders contains sample data and database objects for a specialty foods company. If you have specialized database needs, you can study the structure of the sample database, and then use them as models for your own.

Open a Sample Database


Click the Help menu.


Point to Sample Databases.


Click the sample database you want.

graphics/4_icon.jpg If necessary, read the introduction screen, and then click OK to continue.

A switchboard opens for the sample database.


See Also

See "Warnings About Templates and Add-Ins" on page 44 for information on security alerts that appear when you open a database.

Did You Know?

You can switch to the Database window . Y ou can press F11 to switch to the Database window from a switchboard or any other window.

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