Setting a Database Password

If you want to provide extra security for a database, you can protect it by forcing users to enter a password before they can gain access to the database. This password is different from the account password used to log on to Access and applies to all users, even those with an Admin account. Don't lose or forget the password you assign to a database because it cannot be recovered. If you forget your password, you won't be able to open the database.

Set a Database Password


Make sure all users close the database, and then create a backup copy of the database.


Start Access, and then log on to an account with administrative permissions.


Click the File menu, and then click Open.


Select the database you want to use.


Click the Open list arrow, and then click Open Exclusive to open the database exclusive of all other users.


Click the Tools menu, point to Security, and then click Set Database Password.


Type a password.


Retype the password.


Click OK.


Did You Know?

You can remove a database password . Open the database in exclusive mode under an administrative account, click the Tools menu, click Security, and then click Unset Database Password. Enter the current password, and then click OK.

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