Editing in Form View

Access allows you to bypass Design view for certain editing operations. For example, you can edit form controls in Form view. You can open each form object's property sheet and make changes in the same way you would in Design view. You cannot, however, move, copy, or delete control objects. Nor can you modify form text or the form background. To do these things, you must be in Design view. You can, however, modify input boxes, buttons , list boxes, and other objects into which users will enter data.

Edit a Form in Form View


Display the form in Form view.


Right-click a control object.


Click Properties on the shortcut menu.


Edit the object's properties in the property sheet.


Click the Close button.


Did You Know?

You can format input boxes in Form view . You can format the text in an input box using the buttons on the Formatting toolbar. For example you can change the color , alignment, or style of the text within each input box.

Show Me Microsoft Office Access 2003
Show Me Microsoft Office Access 2003
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