Ser ver Configuration

You are going to need both a database server and a Java application server. We have developed and tested the sample application using MySQL version 4.1 and Apache's Jakarta Tomcat server version 5.5.


You can download both software and installation instructions for the MySQL server from You also need to download the MySQL Connector/J version 3.1 JDBC driver from the MySQL site.

Once you have installed this database server, there are a few steps involved in configuring it to be used for the sample application.

You need to create a new user account and a new database for the MySQL server. All commands that follow assume that you have made the MySQL installation directory your current directory. We also assume that you have added a password to your "root" user account. If not, just run this command(after replacing the question marks with your new password):

Windows:  bin\mysqladmin -u root password ???????? Linux:    ./bin/mysqladmin -u root password ????????

To create the Spring database, we execute this command — you will now be prompted for the root password before your command is completed:

Windows:  bin\mysqladmin -u root –p create spring Linux:    ./bin/mysqladmin -u root –p create spring 

Finally we need to add the "spring" user and grant access to the spring database. For this step we start the command-line client and enter the commands at the mysql prompt. To start the command-line client enter:

Windows:  bin\mysql -u root –p Linux:    ./bin/mysql -u root –p

You will again be prompted for the root password. Then at the mysql> prompt enter the following commands:

use mysql; grant all on spring to spring@localhost identified by 't1cket’; exit

You should see a couple of messages saying "Database changed" and "Query OK, 0 rows affected."


You can download the Jakarta Tomcat server software and installation instructions from

Installing Tomcat is very simple — either unzip the distribution to the desired location, or if you are on Windows, you can use the download that provides a regular Windows installer that you should execute.

There are no specific steps to prepare the Tomcat server to be able to run the sample application.

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