Once we had all the material, the drive, the marital buy-off, and all the other pieces for the book together, we were still missing one thing: a publisher. Karen Gettman at Addison-Wesley has seen us speak numerous times and has bugged us for a couple years to write for her; we are immensely indebted to her for giving us a chance and for letting us have almost unlimited artistic license in what we were doing.

We are also extremely grateful to our reviewers, particularly Susan Bradley, one of the sharpest and most vocal MVPs Microsoft has. As Michael Howard once noted about Jesper in the introduction to the first edition of Writing Secure Code , Susan read every single word, sentence, chapter, and paragraph, and had comments on every single word, sentence , chapter, and paragraphand plenty of comments about things not in the book as well. If the book makes sense to system administrators in small businesses, it is entirely because of Susan. If it does not, it is our fault. We also had great feedback from our other reviewers, including, Corey Hynes, Richard Waymire, Gene Schultz, Marcus Murray, Mark Russinovich, Matt Bishop, Michael Howard, Rob Hensing, Brian Komar, David LeBlanc, Ben Smith, Jon Wall, Chris Wysopal, Kevin McDonnell, Michael Angelo, Byron Hynes, Harlan Carvey, Russ Rogers, James Morris, Robert Shimonski, Kurt Dillard, Rick Kingslan, Phil Cox, and James Edelen.

Last, but certainly not least, we are indebted (forever, in an irreparable sort of way) to our lovely wives Jennifer and Ingrid. Not only did they let us get away with writing the book, but also with traveling around the world talking to people, which both of us enjoy tremendously.

We hope to see you soon at an event near you!

Jesper and Steve

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Protect Your Windows Network: From Perimeter to Data
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