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values.h header file
vectorization (AltiVec)
verbose mode, booting in
version numbering for libraries
Version Tracker
     Mac OS X VNC viewers
     open source players
View in JavaBrowser service
viewers, VNC
     Mac OS X viewers
vim editor
     color, support for
     editing XML property list files
vipw utility
virtual desktops
virtual machine environment (Mac-on-Linux)
virtual machines, suspending and resuming with QEMU
virtual memory
    statistics on
         top utility
Virtual PC 2nd
     installing an operating system
         network settings
     QEMU vs.
     X11 on
Virtual Screens 2nd
VirtualDesktop 2nd
     opening multiple application windows on multiple desktops
vis command
VLC multimedia player
vm_stat utility
     information displayed by
VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
     components of
     connecting to Mac OS X VNC server
     connections tunneled through SSH
     installing on Mac OS X with Fink
     Macs connected to, controlling desktops
     SSH tunnel, setting up with SSH Agent
     SSH, using with
     tunneling connection over SSH without TightVNC
     Windows machines, clients and servers for
VNC/remote desktop/X11
VNCDimension (Aqua VNC client)
vncserver command 2nd
vnodes, maximum number of
volatile files

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