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X Window System  
       Apple X11 distribution   [See X11]
       AquaTerm application and  
       connecting from Mac OS X to  
X.509 SSL/TLS certificates  
       applications and libraries  
               installing via Fink  
       applications and libraries, installing via Fink  
       connecting to other X Window Systems  
               Applications menu, using  
               OSX2X, using  
               Applications menu  
               dot-files, desktops, and window managers  
               input devices, interaction with  
               security features  
       features of  
       graphics, using from R console  
       interactions with Aqua  
        open -x11 command  
               contextual menus in an xterm window  
               rootless and full-screen modes  
               xterm vs. Terminal windows  
       video viewing applications  
       VNC (Virtual Network Computer)  
               connecting to Mac OS X VNC server  
       WYSIWYM (What you see is what you mean) document processor, LyX  
X11 .bdf fonts  
xargs command  
Xcode Tools   2nd  
       CHUD tools  
       documentation for   2nd  
       IDE for Mac OS X  
       IDE provided by  
       precompiled header files, building and using  
       X11 SDK   2nd  
Xfce desktop environment  
xfig/transfig drawing tool   2nd  
XFree86 Project  
       FTP server  
       OpenSSH server  
       Printer Sharing  
xmkmf script  
XML property lists   [See property lists]
xmodmap utility  
       customizing window in X11  
       R commands entered in  
        replacements for  
       Terminal vs.  

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