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KDE desktop environment   2nd  
       installing from Fink  
       Konqueror and Koffice on Mac OS X  
       Konqueror web browser, printing from  
       Konsole terminal emulator  
kerberos sign-on service  
kernel extensions
       loadable bundles  
       loading with BootX  
       starting kextd daemon  
       tutorials on  
       updating cache  
kernel utilities  
       kernel module manipulations  
               sysctl utility  
Kernel-User Notification daemon (kuncd)   2nd  
       64-bit systems  
       allocation of virtual memory  
        core dumps from remote Mac OS X clients  
       Darwin   [See Darwin kernel]
       Mac OS X
               initialization of data structures  
               tuning variables at startup  
       Mach   [See Mach kernel]
       virtual memory library (libkvm)  
kextcache utility  
kextd daemon  
kextload/kextunload utilities  
kexts (kernel extensions)  
kextstat utility  
       information displayed by  
key equivalents under X11  
key/value pairs
       changing in configuration database  
       displaying for configuration database  
keyboard layout (X11), customizing  
keychain, system  
keys, for startup parameters property list  
Konqueror (KDE web browser)
       ported to Mac OS X  
       printing from  
ktrace utility  

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