gcc_select [-v  --version] [-h  --help] [-l  --list] gcc_select [-v  --version] [-n] [-force] [-root] [-dstroot   pathname   ] { 2   3  3.   x   } 


A shell script that sets the default version of GCC (either 2.95.2 ( 2 ), 3.1 ( 3 ), or some other version (specified as 3. x )) by creating various symlinks for compiler tools, libraries, and headers. With no arguments (or with just - v ), the current default version is printed to standard output.



Specifies the root-level directory where changes are made. The default is /usr .


Recreates symlinks for the specified version, even if it is already the current default version.

-h --help

Prints a usage statement to standard output.

-l --list

Lists available GCC versions.


Prints the list of commands that would be executed to standard output, but does not actually execute them.


Disables the initial check for root access before executing commands.

-v --version

Prints the version of gcc_select to standard output.



Mac OS X Panther for Unix Geeks
Mac OS X Panther for Unix Geeks
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