hfs.util { -m  -M }   device mount_point   { fixed  removable } { readonly  writable } { suid  nosuid } { dev  nodev } hfs.util -p   device   { fixed  removable } { readonly  writable } hfs.util { -a  -k  -s  -u }   device   hfs.util { -J  -U  -I }   mount_point   


Mounts HFS and HFS+ filesystems into the directory hierarchy.



Enables (adopts) permissions on the volume, creating an entry for it in /var/db/volinfo.database if one does not already exist. Unlike disktool -A or vsdbutil -a , this option functions only on an unmounted volume.


Prints information about the journal file to standard output.


Enables journaling on the volume.


Reads the disk's UUID key and prints it to standard output. Functions only on an unmounted volume.


Mounts the device.


Attempts to force the mount.


Probes the device, and prints the volume name to standard output.


Generates a new disk UUID key and sets it on the volume. Functions only on an unmounted volume.


Unmounts the device. This function doesn't appear to work.


Disables journaling on the volume.


The disk device filename, e.g., disk0s5 .


The directory on which the filesystem is mounted.



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Mac OS X Panther for Unix Geeks
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