Chapter 37. The Duke s Bank Application

37. The Duke's Bank Application

This chapter describes the Duke's Bank application, an online banking application. Duke's Bank has two clients: an application client used by administrators to manage customers and accounts, and a web client used by customers to access account histories and perform transactions. The web client is built using JavaServer Faces technology (see Chapter 9). The clients access the customer, account, and transaction information maintained in a database through enterprise beans. The Duke's Bank application demonstrates the way that many of the component technologies presented in this tutorialenterprise beans, application clients, and web componentsare applied to provide a simple but functional application.

Figure 371 gives a high-level view of how the components interact. This chapter looks at each of the component types in detail and concludes with a discussion of how to build, deploy, and run the application.

Figure 371. Duke's Bank Application

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