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Pivot Table Data Crunching
By Bill Jelen, Michael Alexander
Publisher: Que
Pub Date: June 21, 2005
ISBN: 0-7897-3435-4
Pages: 288

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      What You Will Learn from This Book
      Skills Required to Use This Book
      The Invention of the Pivot Table
      Conventions Used in This Book
        Chapter 1.  Pivot Table Fundamentals
      What Is a Pivot Table?
      Why Should You Use a Pivot Table?
      When Should You Use a Pivot Table?
      The Anatomy of a Pivot Table
      Pivot Tables Behind the Scenes
      Limitations of Pivot Table Reports
      Next Steps
        Chapter 2.  Creating a Basic Pivot Table
      Preparing Your Data for Pivot Table Reporting
      Creating a Basic Pivot Table
      Keeping Up with Changes in Your Data Source
      Next Steps
        Chapter 3.  Customizing Fields in a Pivot Table
      The Need to Customize
      Displaying the PivotTable Field Dialog Box
      Customizing Field Names
      Applying Numeric Formats to Data Fields
      Changing Summary Calculations
      Adding and Removing Subtotals
      Using Running Total Options
      Next Steps
        Chapter 4.  Formatting Your Pivot Table Report
      Using AutoFormat
      Applying Your Own Style
      Setting Table Options
      Next Steps
        Chapter 5.  Controlling the Way You View Your Pivot Data
      Showing and Hiding Options
      Sorting in a Pivot Table
      Producing Top 10 Reports
      Grouping Pivot Fields
      Next Steps
        Chapter 6.  Performing Calculations Within Your Pivot Tables
      Introducing Calculated Fields and Calculated Items
      Creating Your First Calculated Field
      Creating Your First Calculated Item
      Rules and Shortcomings of Pivot Table Calculations
      Managing and Maintaining Your Pivot Table Calculations
      Next Steps
        Chapter 7.  Creating and Using Pivot Charts
      What Is a Pivot Chart Really?
      Creating Your First Pivot Chart
      Rules and Limitations of Pivot Charts
      Alternatives to Using Pivot Charts
      Next Steps
        Chapter 8.  Using Disparate Data Sources for Your Pivot Table
      Working with Disparate Data Sources
      Using Multiple Consolidation Ranges
      The Anatomy of a Multiple Consolidation Range Pivot Table
      Creating a Pivot Table from an Existing Pivot Table
      Next Steps
        Chapter 9.  Using External Data Sources for Your Pivot Table
      Building a Pivot Table Using External Data Sources
      Importing and Using External Data Without the PivotTable Wizard
      Creating Dynamic Pivot Table Reporting Systems
      Pivot Table Data Options
      Next Steps
        Chapter 10.  Leveraging the Power of OLAP Cubes
      Defining OLAP?
      Benefits of OLAP Cubes
      Introduction to Data Warehouses and OLAP Cubes
      Connecting to an OLAP Cube
      Working with an OLAP Pivot Table
      Comparing OLAP Cubes' Pivot Tables to Excel Data
      Other Considerations When Using OLAP Cubes
      Next Steps
        Chapter 11.  Enhancing Your Pivot Table Reports with Macros
      Why Use Macros with Your Pivot Table Reports?
      Recording Your First Macro
      Creating a User Interface with Form Controls
      Altering a Recorded Macro to Add Functionality
      Next Steps
        Chapter 12.  Using VBA to Create Pivot Tables
      Introduction to VBA
      Tricks of the Trade
      Build a Pivot Table in Excel VBA
      Revenue by Model for a Product Line Manager
      Handle Additional Annoyances
      Issues with Two or More Data Fields
      Summarize Date Fields with Grouping
      Advanced Pivot Table Techniques
      Control the Sort Order Manually
      Sum, Average, Count, Min, Max, and More
      Report Percentages
      Next Steps
        Appendix A.  Solutions to Common Questions and Issues with Pivot Tables
      What does "The PivotTable field name is not valid" mean?
      When I refresh my pivot table, my data disappears
      When I try to group a field, I get an error message
      Why can't I group my month fields into quarters?
      My pivot table is showing the same data item twice
      Why are deleted data items still showing up in the page field?
      When I type a formula referencing a pivot table, I cannot copy the formula down
      How can I sort data items in a unique order that is not ascending or descending?
      How do I turn my pivot table into hard data?
      Is there an easy way to fill the empty cells left by row fields?
      Is there an easy way to fill the empty cells left by row fields in multiple columns?
      How do I add a rank number field to my pivot table?
      Why does my pivot chart exclude months for certain data items?
      Can I create a pivot chart on the same sheet as my pivot table?
      How can I turn my pivot table report into an interactive web page?

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