The Current Code

We think that s a lot more expressive. Here s the whole method. See whether you agree that we have made it more expressive and whether we re justified in taking out the comments we removed:

 public void InsertParagraphTag() { 
// On Enter, we change the TextModel lines to insert, after the line
// containing the cursor, a blank line, and a line with <P></P>. We set the
// new cursor location to be between the P tags: <P></P>.
// handle empty array special case (yucch)
if ( newlines.Count == 0 ) {
newlines.Add( "<P></P>" );
selectionStart = 3;

newlines = new ArrayList();

// set cursor location
selectionStart = NewSelectionStart(LineContainingCursor() + 2);

This code still isn t done, as we ll suggest in a moment, but you can see what s happened : we ve taken code that clearly needed some explanation and we ve replaced it with code that surely needs less explanation. You might prefer a bit more than we do, but we ll wager that most readers won t want one line of comment per line of code anymore.

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