About the Book

The Java Speech API (JSAPI) helps you design speech-enabled Java applications and provides support for speech synthesizers, command and control recognizers, and dictation systems. JSAPI is a part of the Java Media API, which enhances the functioning of Java applications by using audio, video, animation, graphics, and images. This book includes many application, which includes voice synthesizer, voice help, form validation, online java tutorial, and answering machine applications.

About the Author

Anurag Sharma is working as a Software Engineer in G-Cube solutions pvt Ltd since last 2 years . Anurag Sharma is an accomplished author who has written many code books that includes applications that targets JCA.


I would like to thank Radhika Chauhan and Gaurav Bathla for helping me complete the book on time as they provided continuous support and encouragement.

Java InstantCode. Developing Applications using Java Speech API
Java InstantCode. Developing Applications using Java Speech API
Year: 2004
Pages: 46

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