Chapter 18: GUI Applications


Red Hat Linux includes a number of bonus applications over and above what you would find on a Microsoft operating system. Perhaps the biggest bonuses are the fully featured office suites. These are programs included with Red Hat Linux that substitute for Microsoft Windows “based programs that can cost hundreds of dollars per computer.

The Linux office suites typically include a word processor, spreadsheet, graphics support, presentation manager, and a project scheduler. Some suites include more. You might need to download an application or two, but they are as freely available as the office suite applications that come with Linux. The three suites we ll cover in this chapter include OpenOffice, KOffice, and GNOME Office.

Red Hat Linux also features several graphical applications, including image viewers , scanning tools, screen-capture programs, and those that can view the same files as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

This chapter contains the briefest of introductions to each application. Many of these applications are quite substantial and could easily fill their own books.


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