Appendix A: About the CD

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The CD-ROM included with this book comes with two complete pencil-and-paper RHCE practice exams that are accessible in Linux with the Web browser of your choice. The CD also contains the electronic version of the book. You may browse the electronic book or pencil-and-paper exams directly from the CD from a Linux or a Microsoft Windows computer.

There are no longer any multiple choice questions on the Red Hat exams. You can read the sample exams in a Web browser on a Linux computer. Whatever format you select, we suggest that you print out the exam questions before trying the sample exams.

Using the CD in Linux

The exams and e-book are accessible in Linux. The exams are available on the CD in the mnt/cdrom/RHCE/exams directory. The e-book is accessible through the Linux PDF reader, xpdf. You can start it from the Linux GUI with the xpdf command, or you can click Main Menu | Graphics | PDF Viewer. When xpdf opens, click o, the PDF Viewer open command, and navigate to the /mnt/cdrom/Programs/eBook directory to open the e-book chapter of your choice. Please note that these directories assume that you've mounted your CD on the /mnt/cdrom directory.

System Requirements

If you have Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 installed, you'll need the xpdf-* RPM package. It is normally installed by default. The xpdf-* RPM is also available on Red Hat Linux 9 and Fedora Core. The standard graphical hardware requirements for RHEL 3 are sufficient to open and read the files on the CD.

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