I thank the amazing woman who is now my wife, Donna, and I thank my fellow younger widowed from the Hampton Roads area for helping me through this journey. That group includes Cindy, Wendy, Linda, Rick, Mary, Ed, Cliff, Gail, Betty (x2), Karen, Marsha, Deb, Debe, Phil, Nikki, Joyce, Adrienne, Irene, Lee, Marie, Lisa, Jane, Stevie, Mike, and Joanne (and a couple of dozen more people). Finally, thank you and rest in peace, Michael Anderson.

Nancy, thank you for loving me so well. Randy, thank you for loving Donna so wonderfully. And thank you both for bringing us together from the hereafter.

And Bub, thank you for being this man's best friend.

Linux Annoyances for Geeks
Linux Annoyances for Geeks: Getting the Most Flexible System in the World Just the Way You Want It
ISBN: 0596008015
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 144
Authors: Michael Jang

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