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Kris Jamsa

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To my good friend, Dr. Guy Hodgson,
For your endless support and words of encouragement and your willingness to share your knowledge and expertise.


Although only the author’s name appears on a book’s cover, the publication of a book requires the tireless efforts of a team of talented and dedicated individuals. Please take a moment and turn to this book’s copyright page to view the members of the Sybex team that worked hard on this book.

To start, I want to thank Dr. Rodnay Zaks for the opportunity to work with Sybex on this book. I have great respect for Dr. Zaks both for his ability to drive Sybex for over 25 years and for his technical and business acumen.

Next, I want to thank Denise Lincoln for her patience and support throughout this project. My special thanks also go to Tom Cirtin for his development efforts and to Acey Bunch for his technical-editing expertise. In addition, I appreciate the work of Donna Crossman and Linda Stephenson for managing and editing the book’s manuscript. The efforts of the Sybex team greatly improved this book’s content.

. NET Web Services Solutions
.NET Web Services Solutions
ISBN: 0782141722
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Year: 2005
Pages: 161
Authors: Kris Jamsa

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