In this chapter, weve looked at the different ways that you can include information from web services in your Flash movies. You can request information from a REST or RSS web service. If there is no cross-domain policy in effect, you may need to use a server-side file to proxy the data locally. After receiving data from these web services, you can use the XML class or XMLConnector component to add the content to a Flash movie.

We also looked at how you could use the WebServiceConnector component to consume a SOAP web service. After specifying a WSDL document, the component finds the operations available at the web service. It also displays schemas for both the request and results. You can use this component to bind data directly to the UI components .

The chapter also introduced you to the WebServiceConnector class and the related ActionScript. We finished by looking at the Web Service classes. Using ActionScript, we were able to consume a SOAP web service and add the contents to a Flash application.

In the next chapter, well look briefly at the working with XML sockets. The XMLSocket class allows you to remain connected to an XML data source so that you can work in real time with a persistent connection.

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