Knowledge management is an emerging but important field of enquiry. It relates to the process of creation, management, storage and dissemination of knowledge, and the timely acquisition of pertinent knowledge bases. Formal or informal groups currently undertake the accretion of knowledge bases, especially if this accretion is being attempted by a transnational organization.

Knowledge management interfaces with intercultural management when the teams of managers working with knowledge bases comprise individuals from differing cultural backgrounds. Culture is one of the variables that influence systems and patterns of thought, and even the manner in which individuals plan knowledge-building endeavours. Managers/researchers from eclectic cultural traditions can complement each other advantageously if the collaborative effort is administered well. Knowledge managers, especially in a cross-cultural context, require singular leadership and management practices. They usually fabricate and devise products and services that are at the cutting edge.

Intercultural Management
Intercultural Management: MBA Masterclass (MBA Masterclass Series)
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