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Because of the length of most sequences, it is almost impossible to view an entire score on one page. Digital Performer provides you with a multitude of ways to navigate around your score.

Changing Pages

Within the Score window, there are several ways to navigate to different pages. You can scroll forward and backward through pages or you can specify a specific page to which to jump.



Changing Views

If you have a number of tracks displayed within a score, it can become difficult to see individual notes. Using the zoom functionality built into Digital Performer, you can zoom in and out of your score.



Jumping to Measures

Rather than having to scroll through pages to get to specific data, you can use the Goto Measures feature. If you know the specific measure that you would like to view, you can quickly jump to that location.



Showing/Hiding Tracks

You don't have to display all the tracks that are in your sequence in one score. You can select individual tracks, multiple tracks, or all the tracks.




Pressing and holding the Option key while selecting a track will select that track and deselect all others.

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