Editing Your Score

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The QuickScribe Editor is just that: an editor. This means that it will allow you to insert additional notes into any part of your score, move notes, or deleted unwanted items.

Adding Notes

To add a note to your score, you simply have to select the type of note that you would like to add and then pick a loca-tion for it.



Moving Notes

To move a note or a series of notes, you must first select them and then click and drag them to their new location.




Removing Notes

Getting rid of notes that you no longer want is a breeze . You just have to select the note and then use the Delete key on your keyboard.


Inserting Text

The Text tool allows you to add a text box to any location on your score. You can use this to add titles, notes, or comments.




After you have entered a text box, you can reposition it by clicking and dragging it to a new location.

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