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The culmination of all of your tracks is called a sequence. Digital Performer allows you to have multiple sequences in one file. This is helpful when creating projects because you can include all the sequences for a particular project within one file. Digital Performer allows you to easily create sequences and access them. Most of the commands that have to do with sequences can be accessed from the Sequences pop-up menu.


Creating New Sequences

Creating a new sequence is a matter of a click of the mouse.


Accessing Sequences

When you have multiple sequences in a file, you can quickly toggle between them using the Sequence pop-up menu.


Renaming Sequences

When you create a new sequence, it is given a generic name based on your initial sequence. It's a good idea to rename your sequence to make it easier to access.



Transferring Data to a Sequence

When creating a new sequence, you may want to bring data from an existing sequence, rather than having to re-create it.




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