Chapter 5. Testing and Debugging



Section 5.1.   Installing JUnit

Section 5.2.   Testing an Application with JUnit

Section 5.3.   Starting a Debugging Session

Section 5.4.   Setting a Breakpoint

Section 5.5.   Stepping Through Your Code

Section 5.6.   Running Until Encountering a Breakpoint

Section 5.7.   Running to a Line of Code You Select

Section 5.8.   Watching Expressions and Variables

Section 5.9.   Setting a Hit Count for Breakpoints

Section 5.10.   Configuring Breakpoint Conditions

Section 5.11.   Creating Field, Method, and Exception Breakpoints

Section 5.12.   Evaluating Expressions

Section 5.13.   Assigning Values to Variables While Debugging

Section 5.14.   Changing Code on the Fly

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