Recipe 2.9 Reordering View and Editor Tabs


2.9.1 Problem

You've got more than a dozen editors open , and the two you're working with are at opposite ends of the stack. As a result, you must scroll back and forth over all the editor tabs to work with the two editors you need. Isn't there a better way?

2.9.2 Solution

You can rearrange the order of the view and editor tabs as you prefer in Eclipse. Just drag the tab(s) to the order you want.

2.9.3 Discussion

This is a useful skill that few Eclipse developers know about, even those who use Eclipse everyday. When you open a large number of editors, as when you're working with multiple projects, you might find yourself surfing the editor tabs to find the ones you want. To avoid that, you can drag and drop those tabs in the order you want, grouping the editors you're currently working with.

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