Recipe 9.13 Creating Menu Separators


9.13.1 Problem

You want to separate menu items into groups using horizontal lines.

9.13.2 Solution

Create a new menu item that will act as a separator by setting its style to SWT.SEPARATOR .

9.13.3 Discussion

Here's an example that creates a menu separator and adds it to the File menu:

 fileMenuSeparator = new MenuItem(fileMenu, SWT.SEPARATOR); 

9.13.4 See Also

Recipe 9.7 on creating a menu system; Recipe 9.8 on creating text menu items; Recipe 9.9 on creating image menu items; Recipe 9.10 on creating radio menu items; Recipe 9.11 on creating menu item accelerators and mnemonics ; Chapter 8 in Eclipse (O'Reilly).

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