Recipe 6.12 Naming Code Versions


6.12.1 Problem

You've got a milestone build of your project, and you want to save it by name in the CVS repository for easy reference later on.

6.12.2 Solution

Tag the project with a version name by right-clicking it and selecting Team Tag As Version.

6.12.3 Discussion

If you've created a milestone build of your project, you might want to save it by name. Doing so makes CVS store the tagged version so that you can access it by name later.

Right-clicking a project under version control, and selecting Team Tag As Version opens the dialog shown in Figure 6-16. In this case, were going to name our current version of the project Gold_Edition , as shown in the figure.

Figure 6-16. Tagging a version of your code

Note that version labels must start with a letter, and they cannot include spaces or these characters : `$,.:;@ '. After tagging the current version with this name, you can find it in the Versions node in the CVS Repositories view, as shown in Figure 6-17.

Figure 6-17. A new tagged version

You can check out a tagged version of a module by right-clicking it in the CVS Repositories view and selecting context menu items such as Check Out as Project, as with any other CVS module. Alternatively, you can right-click a project in the Package Explorer and select Replace With Another Branch or Version, opening the dialog shown in Figure 6-18. Select the version with which you want to replace the current project, and click OK.

Figure 6-18. Accessing a milestone build

6.12.4 See Also

Recipe 6.4 on storing an Eclipse project in CVS; Recipe 6.5 on committing files to the repository.

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