Chapter 6. Automating Creation of RSS Feeds

You've seen how to create RSS feeds using RSS editors that can store XML files for you. And you've seen how to create those XML files yourself, from scratch.

Are there other options? Yesyou can let software create RSS feeds for you automatically, from a variety of sources including blogs, Web pages, email, and data stored in databases.

Many Web sites, such as, support a number of RSS feeds. Do you think the site employs a dozen RSS experts to update those feeds every day? No, it uses automatic RSS-creation tools. Some of those tools notice when a Web page (such as one that holds a new news item) changes, for example, and converts that page's content into an RSS item, which is added to an updated feedautomatically.

That's what this chapter is all aboutthe tools that let you create RSS feeds automatically from a variety of sources.

Secrets of RSS
Secrets of RSS
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