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Secrets of RSS
By Steven Holzner
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: June 07, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-32142-622-3
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-42622-2
Pages: 344

Table of Contents  | Index

        Chapter 1.  Gotta Get My RSS
      What Is RSS?
      How RSS Works
      Good for Readers
      Good for Publishers
      RSS and Blogging
      Podcasting Too
      A Brief History of RSS
      RSS Resources
        Chapter 2.  Grabbing RSS with Readers
      Using an RSS Reader
      What Kind of Reader Do You Want?
      Online RSS Readers
      Desktop RSS Readers
      Finding RSS Feeds
      Importing and Exporting RSS Feeds
        Chapter 3.  Creating RSS Feeds
      Picking an RSS Format
      Understanding an RSS Document
      Creating RSS Feeds Online
      Creating RSS on Your Computer
      Uploading Your RSS Feed
      Adding the XML Button
      Validating Your RSS Feed
        Chapter 4.  Creating RSS Feeds from Scratch
      An XML Primer
      Writing RSS 0.91 Documents
      Writing RSS 1.0 Documents
      Writing RSS 2.0 Documents
      Writing Atom Documents
        Chapter 5.  Blogging with RSS
      Blogging with Blogger
      Blogging with LiveJournal
      Blogging with TypePad
      Blogging with Bloglines
      Blogging with Yahoo
        Chapter 6.  Automating Creation of RSS Feeds
      Creating RSS with Blogging Tools
      Scraping RSS from HTML
        Chapter 7.  Podcasting: Adding Multimedia to Your Feeds
      All About Podcasting
      Creating a Podcast
      Adding Enclosures to RSS Items
      Using Dedicated Podcast Software
      Downloading Podcasts
      Finding Podcasts
        Chapter 8.  Publicizing Your Feeds
      Using the XML Button
      Getting Links to Your Page
      Using Autodiscovery
      Optimizing for Search Engines
      Getting into Search Engines
      Using RSS Feed Directories
      Publicizing Your Podcast
        Chapter 9.  Converting RSS Feeds to a Web Site
      Why Convert RSS Feeds to a Web Site?
      Converting RSS to JavaScript
      Using Server-Side Software
      Converting RSS to HTML
      Converting RSS to Applets with RSSViewerApplet
      Handling RSS With Perl Scripts
        Chapter 10.  Doing It Right: RSS Best Practices
      Validate Your Feed
      Use the Right Encoding
      Avoid Using the Same Title Twice
      Avoid Overwhelming Servers
      Brand Your Feed
      Avoid Including Only Titles
      Avoid Long Titles and Descriptions
      Refine the Content
      Use Good Writing Practices
      Devote Attention to Your Feed
      Make Links Point to Items
      Use CDATA Around HTML in <description> Elements
      Stay Current on Formats
      Limit the Number of Items in Your Feed
      Design Your Titles and Descriptions Carefully
      Avoid Using HTML in Titles
      Get Permission
      Include Contact Info

Secrets of RSS
Secrets of RSS
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