In Brief

This chapter looked at C# Web applications. Here's an overview of this chapter's discussion:

  • Creating Web applications is analogous to creating Windows applications using the C# IDE. However, you do need an IIS installation on an accessible Web server that also has .NET installed.

  • Web forms are similar to Windows forms, except that they're based on the System.Web.UI.Page class. Although you can perform many of the same operations with Web forms as you can with Windows forms, such as moving controls and adding new controls at runtime, these operations are not performed in the same ways as in Windows forms.

  • Web applications are disconnected from the server, which means executing C# code requires a round-trip back to the server. That also means that your local data is not preserved across server round-trips by default. You can, however, preserve that data using the ViewState or Session properties.

  • There are three types of controls for use in Web applications Web server controls and HTML server controls, whose code is run back at the server, and HTML client controls, whose code is run in the browser.

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