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The animal on the cover of Ant: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition, is a horned lizard. There are 13 species of the horned lizard in North America. Horned lizards prefer a dry, warm climate, such as the desert or a dry woodland, and they can be found in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and New Mexico. Adults grow to 3-5 inches. They depend on their environment to control their body temperature, and use burrows and shade to prevent overheating. The horned lizard has a wide, flat body ideal for desert camouflage, and a short neck and short legs. It has spines on its body and prominent horns on its head. It is also known as the horny "toad."

Despite the horned lizards' fierce appearance, they are not aggressive. Their primary diet consists of ants, although they sometimes eat beetles, grasshoppers, and other insects, which they catch with their long tongues. The horned lizards' first line of defense from predators is their camouflage, but they are also known to hiss and inflate their bodies to appear more intimidating. As a last resort, they have the ability to squirt blood from the corners of their eyes in an attempt to confuse attackers. In Texas and Oklahoma, horned lizards are considered a threatened species. It is illegal to possess a horned lizard without a scientific permit.

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    Ant. The Definitive Guide
    Ant: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition
    ISBN: 0596006098
    EAN: 2147483647
    Year: 2003
    Pages: 115
    Authors: Steve Holzner

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