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Chapter 1: An Introduction to Struts

Figure 1-1: Model 1 architecture
Figure 1-2: Model 2 architecture

Chapter 2: Building a Simple Struts Application

Figure 2-1: The c:\java\MiniHR directory layout
Figure 2-2: The opening screen
Figure 2-3: The Employee Search screen
Figure 2-4: The Employee Search screen with a validation error
Figure 2-5: The Employee Search screen with search results
Figure 2-6: Flow of execution

Chapter 3: The Model Layer

Figure 3-1: Model layer breakdown

Chapter 4: The View Layer

Figure 4-1: The Form Bean lifecycle

Chapter 5: The Controller Layer

Figure 5-1: The Controller layer lifecycle

Chapter 7: Tiles

Figure 7-1: Typical Web site layout

Chapter 8: Declarative Exception Handling

Figure 8-1: The exception error page

Chapter 9: Struts Modules

Figure 9-1: The module URL breakdown
Figure 9-2: The opening Mini HR application screen

Chapter 10: Internationalizing Struts Applications

Figure 10-1: The Spanish version of the search page.

Chapter 16: The Struts Configuration File

Figure 16-1: Struts Console

Chapter 17: The Tiles Configuration File

Figure 17-1: Struts Console running as a stand-alone application

Chapter 18: The Validator Configuration Files

Figure 18-1: Struts Console running as a stand-alone application

Chapter 19: Securing Struts Applications

Figure 19-1: Browser-provided authentication dialog box

Chapter 20: Testing Struts Applications

Figure 20-1: A successful test run using the JUnit Swing test runner
Figure 20-2: Cactus architecture
Figure 20-3: JUnit/StrutsTestCase/Cactus relationships
Figure 20-4: JMeter HTTP request
Figure 20-5: JMeter Graph Results

Appendix: Struts Console Quick Reference

Figure A-1: Struts Console in action as a stand-alone application
Figure A-2: Struts Console inside JBuilder
Figure A-3: Struts Console editor inside Eclipse
Figure A-4: Struts Console editor in a separate window
Figure A-5: Struts Console editor in a separate window
Figure A-6: Struts Console editor inside IDEA
Figure A-7: Struts Console inside NetBeans
Figure A-8: Struts Console editor inside JDeveloper

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