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It's often the case that the users of MOM may not reside in the same, well-connected area. Often, the geographical disbursement of an application's users makes it difficult to deliver a product that functions with an acceptable level of performance. These users also require installed components. Without some kind of delivery mechanism (SMS, for example), this task may not be easy. For these reasons, and the fact that there's a recommended limitation of 15 Operator Consoles per Management Server, using a Web Console is sensible.

MOM 2005 includes a lightweight console for basic monitoring features. This is a practical console to provide for MOM users that do not interact much with alerts or events. If the goal is to provide a view into MOM to display the alerts and events in your environment, this console should be used.

Functionally, the console is very limited. There are no right-click context menus to provide additional options or selections. Alerts can be managed with the Web Console alone. Most of the functionality is available in the Operator Console, such as changing resolution state, assigning an alert owner, viewing knowledge, etc.

The three basic views are Alerts, Computers, and Events (see Figure 6-14). By now, you should be very familiar with what each view displays. To access the Web Console, point the browser to http://<servername>:1272.

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Figure 6-14

Each of these views can be further defined by another filter. There are three basic filters that help display the information a user may want to see:

  • Computer Group: Filters based on membership of a Computer Group.

  • Basic: A bit odd because the controls in this region seem a little more advanced than the Advanced section itself (see Figure 6-15). The settings are relatively close to the things you may find when creating an Alert or Event view.

    image from book
    Figure 6-15

  • Advanced: Additional criteria for filtering that are not commonly used, such as the Custom Fields.


There are some limitations to placement of the web components for the MOM 2005 Web Console. For instance, the Web Console cannot be installed on a regular IIS server because the web site components are built from the MOM 2005 SDK.

Professional MOM 2005, SMS 2003, and WSUS
Professional MOM 2005, SMS 2003, and WSUS
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