Chapter Summary

  • Your business model is how you make money.

  • Business models are associated with, and to a large extent define, license models.

  • Your license model is the terms and conditions you associate with the use of your software.

  • The most common software- related business models make money by

    - Providing unfettered access to or use of the application for a defined period of time

    - Charging a percentage of the revenue obtained or costs saved from using the application

    - Charging for a transaction, that is, a defined and measurable unit of work

    - Metering access to or use of the application, or something the application processes

    - Charging for the hardware the application runs on, not the application itself

    - Providing one or more services that are intimately related to application operation and/or use

  • Business models associated with users (such as concurrent user licensing) motivate integration with corporate systems that manage users (such as LDAP servers).

  • Make certain you understand every right associated with your business model. Separating rights may provide more opportunities to create revenue.

  • License models may be enforced by home-grown or third-party professional license managers.

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