The Bookmarks Toolbar

The one folder that comes standard on the bookmark list is the Bookmarks Toolbar Folder. This folder looks like any other folder, with one important difference: any bookmark you add to this folder appears on the Bookmarks toolbar. Figure 5-15 shows the Bookmarks toolbar with a few bookmarks already moved to the Bookmarks folder.

Figure 5-15. Bookmarks toolbar.

One of the things that's noticeable in Figure 5-15 is that the bookmark names take up an awful lot of room. If you run out of room to display the bookmarks, you'll see a >> symbol in the right corner that you can click to get a list of the other bookmarks, but that kinda defeats the purpose of the whole thing. If you've got more than half a dozen bookmarks, you'll want to use the Properties screen to tighten up the names considerably: "Welcome to Gmail" becomes "Gmail," "The Internet Movie Database" becomes "IMDB," and so on. (It's just possible that you may be able to limit the number of bookmarks on the toolbar, but even if you list only the websites you visit most frequently, it will still be a lot.)


If the Bookmarks toolbar isn't visible, go to View | Toolbars and make sure that Bookmarks Toolbar is checked.

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