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As the need for application-to-application communication and platform interoperability continues to grow, Web Service developers need to be skilled in the technologies and languages that make this communication possible. Web Services provide a language and platform independent standard for creating and connecting code that allows software applications (remote objects) to communicate with each other and users, via a network or the Web. Rather than focus on one specific technology or language, Cross-Platform Web Services Using C# & Java explains how to integrate the various technologies of Web Services using the two languages expected to dominate this growing area.


  • Focuses on the cross-platform interoperability of Web Services
  • Teaches all of the technologies and underlying standards of Web Services, including XML, WSDL, and UDDI
  • Covers development of .NET and Java Web Services
  • Shows how to integrate applications developed with other languages and legacy systems
  • Provides a separate chapter on cross-platform implementation of Web Service security, including firewalls, SSL, ID, XML signatures, and testing
  • Covers latest Web Services tools of the Apache group, including SOAP, Axis, and Tomcat

About the Author

Brian Hochgurtel, Erie, CO, is an independent software development engineer and Web development consultant. He is the co-author of Visual Basic .NET and XML and has written several articles on XML.

Cross-Platform Web Services Using C# and Java
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