Chapter 12: Implementing Providers: Example

Implementing Providers: General Steps

This section contains a brief introduction to the steps which you need to take when writing a provider. As the actual details vary from WBEM server to WBEM server, an example is given in the rest of this chapter using one particular WBEM server.

When writing a provider you will need to:

  1. Write the mof code for the class for which you need a provider. Load this class definition into the WBEM server.

  2. Write some code to perform the necessary provider functions. Compile this code into a library and place this into a directory from which the WBEM server can extract it as needed.

  3. Inform the WBEM server of the presence of the library and tie it to the class which it supports and the functions which it performs .

These steps are illustrated in the example below.

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