Creating and Editing userContent.css

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Creating and Editing userContent.css

The userContent.css file allows you to modify the way Firefox displays web content. With userContent.css you can define defaults for web pages and content.

You might think that a web page doesn't have any defaults at the browser level, but in fact with Firefox there are many defaults you can apply.

From the box, Firefox doesn't have a userContent.css file. There is a userContent-example.css that you may copy to create your userContent.css file.


In userContent.css, the flag !important is used to control how the settings specified are applied to the web page. If there is no !important flag, the web page might change the defaults established in userContent.css. However, if !important is included, your settings in userContent.css override the web page's settings.

Some examples of userContent.css tweaks are taken from several listed websites. I recommend that rather than attempting to type this code, you go to the original URL and copy and paste.

The website gives examples on how to make error pages look better. This example is fairly lengthy, but shows how each rule contains a number of selectors.

The following code is from

/* Generally, most users do not get excited with either  * a marquee (text that scrolls in a box), or with  * blinking text. With userContent.css you can turn both  * off */ /* Turn off the scrolling Marquee effects */ marquee { display: none !important; } /* Do not allow text to blink */ blink { text-decoration: none !important; } 

A third example is code to block advertisements. This example may be found at Cut and paste the code into your userContent.css file. (If you are using the AdBlock extension, this code is not necessary.)

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