Using Themes

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Themes in Firefox allow the user to quickly change the overall way that Firefox looks. Rather than sit and design a look and feel, themes can be downloaded from the Internet. In addition, all users can create a theme to match their likes and dislikes and maybe even publish their theme for others to use.


The file type Jar (stands for Java ARchive) is a file that holds both files and their relative folder locations. It is like a ZIP file, but without compression. The specifications for Jar files can be found at

Using themes can be as simple as clicking on a link in a website. It is also possible to download and install one of the theme helper tools, or to manually install a theme.

Themes are stored in the installation folder's chrome subfolder. A theme is held in a .jar file (the Jar format is used to hold files and folder information to make downloads easier).

Figure 6.2 shows the themes installed on my Firefox installation.

Figure 6.2. Jar files are used to hold themes and other collections of files. Use TUGZip to open them under Windows.

Themes are discussed in more depth in Chapter 7, "Themes and Plug-ins."

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