Post-Installation Steps

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Once you have completed all of the installation steps and your computer restarts itself, you will be greeted by the boot loader screen. If you’ve set up a Linux-only machine, just press ENTER (or just wait a few seconds). If you are a dual booter, select Fedora Core with your cursor keys, and press ENTER. After a short while,a new Welcome screen (shown in Figure 2-12 on the next page) will appear to take you through the post-installation process. Fortunately, there are very few steps here, so you needn’t worry much at this stage of the game.

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Figure 2-12: The post-installation Welcome screen

  1. Welcome Just click Next to proceed.

  2. License agreement Give the agreement a read-through, and then select Yes, I agree to the License Agreement and click Next.

  3. Date and time The defaults should be correct here, so, assuming they are, click Next. If not, you can adjust them now.

  4. User account Just type the username you’ve decided upon (with no spaces and no caps), your real name (both first and last), and then whatever you decided upon for your user password in the two bottom boxes. Once you have done all this, click Next.

  5. Sound card Here you can test your sound card by clicking the Test Sound button. You will hear three sounds (one from each speaker individually and then one from both speakers in unison). After that, a window will pop up asking you if you heard the sound. Click Yes, and the window will disappear. Now click Next.

  6. Additional CDs You probably don’t have any, so click Next.

  7. Finish setup The only thing for you to do now is click Next.

Now you have done it all, and your new Linux system is installed on your machine. After a few moments, you will see the login screen, so to find out what to do after that, go on to the next chapter. See you there. Aloha.

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