Lesson 6. Publishing and Giving Your Presentation

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This lesson takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.


Print speaker notes and handouts


Export a QuickTime movie


Export a PowerPoint presentation


Export to PDF


Export images for use in other applications


Export an interactive Flash file


Send a project to iDVD


Export to HTML for the Internet


Create a podcast using GarageBand


Give a presentation with a laptop

When you complete a presentation, you'll want to get it out into the world. Keynote has several export modules that allow you to publish your presentation. The concept is essentially "create once, publish many." By allowing you to export to a DVD, a PDF file, the Internet, and even your iPod, Keynote ensures that your good ideas and important information can be seen by a large audience.

To practice the various output techniques, you'll use an existing presentation. It harnesses the flexible Modern Portfolio template to showcase some photography. You can use this template to create your own portfolio to show to prospective clients.

As you'll see in this lesson, you can export a completed slideshow to a variety of formats.

Keynote supports many export formats to help you to share your presentation.

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