Table of Contents

  Table of Contents
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Java Network Programming, 3rd Edition
By Elliotte Rusty  Harold
Publisher : O'Reilly
Pub Date : October 2004
ISBN : 0-596-00721-3
Pages : 706

        About the Third Edition
        Organization of the Book
        Who You Are
        Java Versions
        About the Examples
        Conventions Used in This Book
        Request for Comments
        Comments and Questions
        Chapter 1.   Why Networked Java?
        Section 1.1.   What Can a Network Program Do?
        Section 1.2.   Security
        Section 1.3.   But Wait! There's More!
        Chapter 2.   Basic Network Concepts
        Section 2.1.   Networks
        Section 2.2.   The Layers of a Network
        Section 2.3.   IP, TCP, and UDP
        Section 2.4.   The Internet
        Section 2.5.   The Client/Server Model
        Section 2.6.   Internet Standards
        Chapter 3.   Basic Web Concepts
        Section 3.1.   URIs
        Section 3.2.   HTML, SGML, and XML
        Section 3.3.   HTTP
        Section 3.4.   MIME Media Types
        Section 3.5.   Server-Side Programs
        Chapter 4.   Streams
        Section 4.1.   Output Streams
        Section 4.2.   Input Streams
        Section 4.3.   Filter Streams
        Section 4.4.   Readers and Writers
        Chapter 5.   Threads
        Section 5.1.   Running Threads
        Section 5.2.   Returning Information from a Thread
        Section 5.3.   Synchronization
        Section 5.4.   Deadlock
        Section 5.5.   Thread Scheduling
        Section 5.6.   Thread Pools
        Chapter 6.   Looking Up Internet Addresses
        Section 6.1.   The InetAddress Class
        Section 6.2.   Inet4Address and Inet6Address
        Section 6.3.   The NetworkInterface Class
        Section 6.4.   Some Useful Programs
        Chapter 7.   URLs and URIs
        Section 7.1.   The URL Class
        Section 7.2.   The URLEncoder and URLDecoder Classes
        Section 7.3.   The URI Class
        Section 7.4.   Proxies
        Section 7.5.   Communicating with Server-Side Programs Through GET
        Section 7.6.   Accessing Password-Protected Sites
        Chapter 8.   HTML in Swing
        Section 8.1.   HTML on Components
        Section 8.2.   JEditorPane
        Section 8.3.   Parsing HTML
        Section 8.4.   Cookies
        Chapter 9.   Sockets for Clients
        Section 9.1.   Socket Basics
        Section 9.2.   Investigating Protocols with Telnet
        Section 9.3.   The Socket Class
        Section 9.4.   Socket Exceptions
        Section 9.5.   Socket Addresses
        Section 9.6.   Examples
        Chapter 10.   Sockets for Servers
        Section 10.1.   The ServerSocket Class
        Section 10.2.   Some Useful Servers
        Chapter 11.   Secure Sockets
        Section 11.1.   Secure Communications
        Section 11.2.   Creating Secure Client Sockets
        Section 11.3.   Methods of the SSLSocket Class
        Section 11.4.   Creating Secure Server Sockets
        Section 11.5.   Methods of the SSLServerSocket Class
        Chapter 12.   Non-Blocking I/O
        Section 12.1.   An Example Client
        Section 12.2.   An Example Server
        Section 12.3.   Buffers
        Section 12.4.   Channels
        Section 12.5.   Readiness Selection
        Chapter 13.   UDP Datagrams and Sockets
        Section 13.1.   The UDP Protocol
        Section 13.2.   The DatagramPacket Class
        Section 13.3.   The DatagramSocket Class
        Section 13.4.   Some Useful Applications
        Section 13.5.   DatagramChannel
        Chapter 14.   Multicast Sockets
        Section 14.1.   What Is a Multicast Socket?
        Section 14.2.   Working with Multicast Sockets
        Section 14.3.   Two Simple Examples
        Chapter 15.   URLConnections
        Section 15.1.   Opening URLConnections
        Section 15.2.   Reading Data from a Server
        Section 15.3.   Reading the Header
        Section 15.4.   Configuring the Connection
        Section 15.5.   Configuring the Client Request HTTP Header
        Section 15.6.   Writing Data to a Server
        Section 15.7.   Content Handlers
        Section 15.8.   The Object Methods
        Section 15.9.   Security Considerations for URLConnections
        Section 15.10.   Guessing MIME Content Types
        Section 15.11.   HttpURLConnection
        Section 15.12.   Caches
        Section 15.13.   JarURLConnection
        Chapter 16.   Protocol Handlers
        Section 16.1.   What Is a Protocol Handler?
        Section 16.2.   The URLStreamHandler Class
        Section 16.3.   Writing a Protocol Handler
        Section 16.4.   More Protocol Handler Examples and Techniques
        Section 16.5.   The URLStreamHandlerFactory Interface
        Chapter 17.   Content Handlers
        Section 17.1.   What Is a Content Handler?
        Section 17.2.   The ContentHandler Class
        Section 17.3.   The ContentHandlerFactory Interface
        Section 17.4.   A Content Handler for the FITS Image Format
        Chapter 18.   Remote Method Invocation
        Section 18.1.   What Is Remote Method Invocation?
        Section 18.2.   Implementation
        Section 18.3.   Loading Classes at Runtime
        Section 18.4.   The java.rmi Package
        Section 18.5.   The java.rmi.registry Package
        Section 18.6.   The java.rmi.server Package
        Chapter 19.   The JavaMail API
        Section 19.1.   What Is the JavaMail API?
        Section 19.2.   Sending Email
        Section 19.3.   Receiving Mail
        Section 19.4.   Password Authentication
        Section 19.5.   Addresses
        Section 19.6.   The URLName Class
        Section 19.7.   The Message Class
        Section 19.8.   The Part Interface
        Section 19.9.   Multipart Messages and File Attachments
        Section 19.10.   MIME Messages
        Section 19.11.   Folders

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