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page-sequence element (XSL-FO)
page-sequence elements (XSL-FO)
param element
param module (XHTML DTD)
parameter entities
        connecting XHTML DTD modules
        syntax of
        XML specification for
parameter entity references 2nd
        connecting XHTML modules
        defining, with document model modules
        in DTD only
        external DTD subsets and
        including declarations in
        internal subsets and
        mixing XHTML into applications
        for namespace prefixes
        preceding with parameter entity declarations
       proper nesting
                with conditional sections
                with markup declarations
                with parenthesized groups
        XLink elements and
parent axis 2nd
parent elements
        selecting with .. (double period)
parentheses in element declarations
parentNode attribute (Node)
parse attribute (xi\:include)
parse( ) (XMLReader)
parsed character data (#PCDATA) 2nd
parsed general entities
        attribute values and
        no recursion allowed
        text declarations and
ParserAdapter class (SAX)
parsers 2nd [See also DOM; SAX]
        Apache Xerces XML DOM parser
        billion laugh attacks
        checking documents for well- formedness
        checking the character set
        comparing namespace URIs
        determining character encoding
        handling of namespaces
        SAX XMLReader interface
        support for XInclude
        validating 2nd 3rd
                comparing document to its DTD
                validity constraints enforced
        whitespace, treatment of
        Xerces Java Parser
        XML-defined character sets
PassiveTeX library
pattern facet element 2nd
pattern matching
        match attribute (xsl:template)
        text( ) node test
PDF format for XSL-FO documents
permanence of XML documents
Phoenician (Unicode block for)
PHP, processing instructions in
pictographic symbols, Unicode block for
Pinard, Francois
pixels (CSS unit of length)
platform-dependent character sets
        in CSS stylesheets
        in XPointers
portability of XML data format
position( ) function (XPath) 2nd
positiveInteger type
Post Schema Validation Infoset (PSVI)
preceding axis 2nd
preceding-sibling axis 2nd
predefined character references
        in XPath location paths 2nd
        in XPath location steps 2nd 3rd
prefix attribute (Node)
prefix:* node test
        binding to URIs
        changing with parameter entity references
        controlling namespace qualification
        default namespaces and
        element names and
        namespace constraints for
        namespace prefix declaration
        XInclude namespace
        xlink, mapping to namespace URI
        XPath wildcards, attaching to 2nd
        xsl 2nd
preorder traversal
preserve-space element
previousSibling attribute (Node)
printed media, CSS length units for
processing instructions 2nd
        parsers and
        SAX filters for
        web browser problems with
        xml-stylesheet 2nd 3rd
processing XML data 2nd [See also parsers]
        abstracting XML away
        combining processing models
        document transformations
        event-driven model
        issues with
                CDATA sections
                entity references
                processing instructions
                unparsed entities
        pull processing model
        text-based model
        tree-based model
processing-instruction element
processing-instruction nodes
        default template for
        XPath data model and
processing-instruction( ) location step
processing-instruction( ) node test
        and nodeType attribute
        and textContent attribute
ProcessingInstruction interface (DOM) 2nd 3rd
        nodeName attribute and
        nodeValue attribute and
processingInstruction( ) (XMLFilterImpl)
professions and disciplines, standard DTDs for
programming languages
        document transformation programs
        Turing complete
        XML vs.
programming models used with XML
prolog (XML document) 2nd
                display property
                length, units of
        SAX 2nd
                SAXCoreProperties class
        system-property ( ) function (XSLT)
                XSLT to XSL-FO transform
proprietary character sets
proprietary schemas, document permanence and
pseudo-attributes (xml-stylesheet processing instructions) 2nd
pseudo-class selectors, CSS
pseudo-element selectors, CSS
PSVI (Post Schema Validation Infoset)
public IDs for DTDs
PUBLIC keyword (document type declaration)
pull processing model 2nd
punctuation characters
        allowed in XML names
        disallowed in XML names
        Unicode block for
purposes of related resources
push processing model (event-based)


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