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Mac-specific character sets
Macedonian language
Macintosh systems
        pure ASCII documents, use of
MacRoman character set
margin properties (XSL-FO elements)
        describing a document's structure
        in entities
        input vs. output languages
        in narrative XML documents
markup languages, programming languages vs.
master pages (XSL-FO)
        laying out
                flowing content into pages
                generating finished document
matching [See pattern matching regular expressions]
Mathematical Operators Unicode block
MathML (Mathematical Markup Language)
        DOM extensions for
        entity sets
                need for
                syntax for
        support by Mozilla
maxExclusive facet element 2nd
maxInclusive facet element 2nd
maxLength facet element 2nd
media pseudo-attribute 2nd
Megginson, David 2nd
message element
        character set
        embedding in page with RDF
        WordprocessingML document
        about narrative XML documents
        XHTML DTD module
metamarkup language
        character sets and
        Internet Explorer [See Internet Explorer]
                saving files as Unicode
        XSLT namespaces
Microsoft .NET XMLReader class
MIME types
       for XML applications[MIME types
        specifying for stylesheets with type pseudo-attribute
        for stylesheets
        use by XInclude processors to determine document encoding
minExclusive facet element 2nd
minInclusive facet element 2nd 3rd
minLength facet element 2nd
Miscellaneous Symbols Unicode block
Miscellaneous Technical Unicode block
mixed environments, XML and
mixed-content elements 2nd 3rd 4th
        controlling element placement
        groups, using
modes (XSLT)
Modular XHTML
        authoring compound documents with
Modularization of XHTML (W3C specification)
        XHTML DTDs
monetary symbols
Mosher, Ed 2nd
Mozilla [See also Netscape]
        direct display of XML in
        support of xpath1( ) XPointer scheme
        XHTML, support for
MSXML XSLT processor
Muellner, Leonard
multilingual documents
Murray-Rust, Peter


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