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lang pseudo-class, CSS
lang( ) function (XPath)
language codes
        subcodes for geographic regions
language type (schemas)
languages (xml:lang attribute)
last( ) function (XPath) 2nd
lastChild attribute (Node)
Latin Extended Additional Unicode block 2nd
Latin Extended-A Unicode block
Latin Extended-B Unicode block
Latin-0 encoding 2nd 3rd
Latin-1 characters entity set
Latin-1 encoding 2nd 3rd 4th
        characters entity set
        HTML Latin-1 entity set
Latin-10 encoding
Latin-2 encoding 2nd
Latin-3 encoding 2nd
Latin-4 encoding 2nd
Latin-5 encoding 2nd
Latin-6 encoding 2nd
Latin-7 encoding 2nd
Latin-8 encoding 2nd
Latin-9 encoding 2nd 3rd
layout-master-set element (XSL-FO) 2nd 3rd
legacy encodings
legacy module (XHTML DTD)
legacy XML document formats
        CSS properties representing
        maxLength facet element
        minLength facet element
        restricting with length facet
        of strings
        of XML names
        xs\:length facet element
Letter-Like Symbols Unicode block
LexicalHandler interface (SAX)
libxml, support for XInclude
line areas (XSL-FO)
link pseudo-class (CSS)
linking pseudo-classes (CSS)
        attaching to XML documents [See XLinks]
        XHTML DTD link module
        XPointers in
list elements (CSS display property)
        bulleted, formatting in XSL-FO
        schema facet elements for
literal data characters
literal default declaration (attributes)
literal result elements
        attribute value templates and
little-endian UCS-2 2nd
Load module, DOM
local parts
local resources (extended links)
local- name ( ) function (XPath) 2nd
localName attribute (Node) 2nd
location paths 2nd
        abbreviated syntax 2nd
        absolute 2nd
        attribute location steps
        axes 2nd
        building compound
        child element location steps
        combining multiple with () 2nd
        node tests in
        predicates in 2nd 3rd
        root location path
location set (XPointer)
location steps
        attribute of contex node with specified name
        axis, node test, and predicates
        child element 2nd
        combining with /
        combining with
        comment( )
        processing-instruction( )
        text( )
locations (XPointer)
locator elements
Locator interface (SAX)
Locator2 interface (SAX)
LocatorImpl class (SAX)
long type
lookupNamespaceURI( ) (Node)
lookupPrefix( ) (Node)
Lorie, Ray 2nd


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