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MAC (Media Access Control) address
       cloning for residential gateway  
       getting information on with ipconfig  
mail   [See email]
mail rules
       Outlook Express, stored in Registry keys  
       Outlook, backing up files  
       Pegasus, sophistication of  
MailWasher program  
main.cpl command  
manifest file, creating for older programs  
Map Network Drive option (Explorer Tools menu)  
mapping wireless networks  
Maximum Idle Time setting (residential gateways)  
MBR, fixing  
MCL program  
       command prompt, features of  
Media Access Control address   [See MAC address]
Media Player
       CD burning  
               adjusting speed  
               MP Version 9, using with TweakMP  
               pauses between tracks  
       Customer Experience Improvement Program option  
       Enhanced Content Provider option  
       privacy problems with  
       running on VDM  
memory use   [See RAM, making the most of]
menus   [See also context menus; shortcut menus ]
       folder or files listings in Windows Explorer, creating  
       Windows Explorer context menu, improving  
       Windows Explorer shortcut menu, customizing  
messages   [See email; error messages; ICMP]
messaging   [See Windows Messenger; XP Messenger Service]
       universal, with Trillian  
       Windows Messenger  
Messenger   [See Windows Messenger]
Messenger Service (XP)
       pop ups, stopping  
               disabling port 135 on router  
       Windows Messenger vs.  
metasearch software  
Microangelo program, creating cursors and icons  
Microsoft applications   [See applications individual application names ]
Microsoft Management Console   [See MMC]
Microsoft Office   [See Office]
Microsoft Outlook   [See Outlook]
Microsoft Photo Editor, pasting screen captures to  
Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP  
Microsoft VM, uninstallimg  
Microsoft Word   [See Word]
Microsoft, federal antitrust case against  
microwave ovens, interference with wireless equipment  
MMC (Microsoft Management Console)  
       caching, improving web site performance with  
       changing your web site directory  
       performance alerts, creating  
       redirecting your web site to a URL  
       system performance logs, setting up  
       system performance logs, viewing  
MoodWatch feature (Eudora)  
Most Frequently Used Programs List  
       banning programs with Registry  
       banning programs with TweakUI  
       killing with Registry hack  
       actions, speeding up  
       changing size of buffer  
       customizing pointer  
       DoubleClickSpeed (Registry value)  
Move To Folder option (Explorer context menu)  
Movie Maker  
       capturing video properly  
       digital video camera, using  
       DVDs, making  
       recording video, best settings for  
               preset profiles  
Mozilla browser
       cookie management   2nd  
       Googlebar for Netscape 7/Mozilla  
       killing pop ups  
MP3 format, saving streaming audio to  
msconfig command  
MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit), setting for residential gateways with DSL access  
       CD burning  
               digital music files, skipping and popping  
               skipping in burned music CDs  
       file sharing without spyware  
       streaming music, saving to your PC  
               capturing in MP3 format  
        videos , making with Windows Movie Maker  
               capturing video properly  
               digital video camera, using  
               recording video, best settings for  
music   [See multimedia]
My Alerts page, managing .NET alerts  
My Network Places
       closing down ports manually  
       hiding desktop icon  

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