Arrays with Multiple Dimensions

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Arrays can also use more than one index to locate an element. For example, a two-dimensional array assigns two indexes to each element. To declare a two-dimensional array, you specify the range of each index, separated by commas. For example, this statement defines an array of 10 elements by 10 elements:


 Dim arrTaxAmount(1 To 10, 1 To 10) As Double 

When defining or retrieving values from a two-dimensional array, you must supply both index values, as in this procedure:


 Public Function GetTaxAmount(intPercent As Integer, _  intAmount As Integer) As Double   ' Return a tax amount for the specified   ' tax percentage and purchase amount   ' Inputs are limited to the range of 1 to 10   Dim i As Integer   Dim j As Integer   Dim arrTaxAmount(1 To 10, 1 To 10) As Double   ' Build the array   For i = 1 To 10     For j = 1 To 10       arrTaxAmount(i, j) = (i * j) / 100     Next j   Next i   ' Now look up the amount   GetTaxAmount = arrTaxAmount(intPercent, intAmount) End Function 

Arrays can have up to 60 dimensions, which is far more than you're ever likely to need.

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